Vacation dates and sales

I just wanted to make a quick post. Nothing new will be posted up and I wanted to let you know that there are 4 days (including today) to place your order if you want it to be shipped before I leave on vacation for about 2 weeks. Here are the details of my vacation again:


On June 26, I'm flying to Seattle so I won't be anywhere near my jewelry supplies. I will have internet access but will not be able to fulfill any orders during this time. The last day to place your order is June 24 and I will try my best to send all the orders I have before I leave. I will be back on July 7th but will start taking orders again on July 6th. My Etsy will be on vacation mode during this time. My website will still take orders but they will not be shipped until I come back.

I will have time during the first four days while I'm at Seattle so I'm planning on doing some quick sales to get rid of a couple of things but they will be sent when I get back. Some things are going to be discontinued soon. Here are the three items I marked as being discontinued.

I'm not able to restock these so this gives you a heads up on what will be discontinued soon. Sometimes, I discontinue items without notice so if you like something, don't wait too long to make your purchase.

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