New Triple Piercing/Cuff Earring

DC104 Gold Small Star and Stardust Charms Double Piercing Cuff Earring
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DC105 Gold and Bronze Chain Sparkle Stardust Double Piercing Cuff Earring

DC106 Sterling Silver Small Large Contrast Chains Double Piercing Cuff Earring

TP108 Sterling Silver Oval Loop Chain Triple Piercing

New Cuff Earrings part 2 of 2

CE336 Sterling Silver Swarovski Helix Crystal Dangle Cuff Earring

CE337 Silver Dove Peace Long Chain Cuff Earring

CE338 Plain Ball Chain Cuff Earring

CE339 Rhodium-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Cuff Earring

CE340 Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Ball Stud Double Chain Cuff Earring

New Cuff Earrings part 1 of 2

I have been working on new pieces for a while and I finally took pictures of them and posted them up. Well this is just a few I have up right now. I will be posting more cuff earrings and a lot more double piercings. Hopefully you'll be seeing them soon.

CE332 Sterling Silver Mesh Bow Cuff Earring

CE333 Tree Of Life Cuff Earring

CE334 Umbrella Raining Crystals Cuff Earring

CE335 Rhinestone Double Chain Dangle Cuff Earring

Restocked! (again) Rhinestone Hello Kitty Flower Chain Double Piercing Earring

As the title states: Rhinestone Hello Kitty Flower Chain Double Piercing Earring is back in stock. By the way, the last time I restocked, it sold out within 2 days.

#DP359 Rhinestone Hello Kitty Flower Chain Double Piercing Earring

Lots of New Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP368 Silver Wing Stars Extra Long Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing

 #DP369 Sterling Silver Leaf Double Chain v2 Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP370 Black Bronze Star Double Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing

 #DP371 Chandelier Swarovski Crystals Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP372 Eiffel Tower Pearl Crystals Extra Long Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP373 Sterling Silver Threaded Chain Star Cartilage/Double Piercing

Introducing: Double Piercing Cuff Earring

I added a new category. This is meant for double ear lobe piercing both connecting to an ear cuff as shown on the modeled picture.

#DC101 Sterling Silver & Gold Filled Chains Double Piercing Cuff Earring

#DC102 Simple Rhinestone Studs Silver Chains Double Piercing Cuff Earring

#DC103 Hot Pink Silver Flower Double Piercing Cuff Earring

Bow Ear Cuff and Colored Ear Cuffs

I just wanted to add this post before I go to bed. I know many people loves bows so I'm trying to add more bows to my collection. I've had this ideal for a while now and when I finally made it, it turned out like how I imagined. However, it takes a little more time for me to make so I didn't want to use regular wire and have it overpriced. I also didn't want to use solid sterling silver wire because it would be expensive because sterling silver pricing is going up pretty fast. So, I ended up using sterling silver filled. Keep in mind it is not plated. Plated jewelry has a very thin layer of material on the top whereas filled jewelry contains a thicker coat which is bonded over a copper core. For now, I am only using this sterling silver filled wire to make the bow ear cuff. All other sterling silver pieces are solid.

 #283 Sterling Silver Filled Bow Knot Ear Cuff

#284 Three Ear Cuffs - Pink, Sea Green, Copper

New Cuff Earrings

I've been more busy lately so I haven't been able to post anything new up but I have been trying to keep up with my orders and find new supplies to make new pieces. This is just the first new pieces of several and of course I group them by types so watch out for more postings coming up.

#CE329 Swarovski Jet Moon Star Cuff Earring
One of a Kind!

#CE330 Single Bronze Bow Cuff Earring

CE331 Sterling Silver Plain Ball Dangle Cuff Earring