Happy Halloween

 This is just a side post from my store.

I was just getting things done before I leave for tonight and then I remembered to put on a costume for my dog.

It's one of her old costumes she had since she was little. Her antennas just wouldn't stay on her head because she's so hairy. Her name is Pebbles and she is a full breed Maltese. Let me know if you want to see more of Pebbles (or should I just be posting my jewelry).


I also made earrings to match my costume this year. I am going to be an indian =)

They're so light on my ears. I could barely feel them. Still deciding weather I should make more and sell them. What do you think?

Anyways, Just wanted to say Happy Halloween and I will be adding new ear cuffs and earrings in my next post. Also wanted to remind you that free shipping ends tonight. Have fun!

Double Piercing

I love double piercings but I've never had double studded earrings because they're hard to find. I finally decided to make some. Here are three I've made so far. I was also able to add these "add to cart" buttons that can be used for Paypal checkout.

 #315 Pink Pearl Star Double Piercing
Contains a pink swarovski pearl and pink swarovski crystal with two stars. Can be worn an a double piercing side-by-side or a regular piercing connecting with a cartilage piercing.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #215

 #316 Sparkling Silver Star Double Piercing
The dangle is meant to be worn in the inner piercing and the stud is meant to be worn in the outer piercing.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #216

#317 Open Star Pearl Double Piercing
This is my favorite. I made a pair for myself. Below is a picture of it modeled by me.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #217


Shipping is $2 flat rate for US, $3 Canada, $4 international.

This is my first update of new items. I have more items to add. 

October Discount

I have been making a lot of new jewelry but I still have to take pictures of them so it I won't be updating for a while. I will be having free shipping (US orders, $1 discount for international) for the rest of October for everything in my store. This only applies to orders $10 and over. This includes non jewelry items because I'm trying to get rid of those to add my new items.

This expires on 10-31-09 so please take advantage of this discount.
I also added an order form which can be found at the top of the page. Just fill out a form and I will e-mail you with a total. Thanks for looking =)