New Triple Piercing and Feather Earrings

#447 Dove Spotted Feather Dangle Earring

#448 Gold Feather Single Earring

TP106 Bronze Eiffel Tower Double Chain Triple Piercing

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets

#634 Sterling Silver Colorful Swarovski Heart Bracelet
Only 1 available

#635 Sterling Silver Powder Rose Amethyst Bracelet
Only 1 available

Hello Kitty Pink Watch

I don't make watches and I definitely did not make this but I've had this for a while now. It's brand new and so gorgeous but watches doesn't seem to fit me well because I have such small wrists. This would fit average adult wrists and since there are so many Hello Kitty fans, I thought why not post it up!

#827 Hello Kitty Pink Watch

Chunky Bling Ring

I wanted to share this with you because this is a jewelry blog. I have requests for different types of jewelry such as belly button rings and of course the typical finger rings. I've thought of making rings before but they were a little out of my skills. I was self taught with everything I've made and I'm just not sure how to make a unique good quality ring just yet. Maybe in the future I will make rings but for now, here's a website that makes affordable cute rings. Excuse my ugly hands and chipped nail polish.

You could purchase this here

They sent me this after I joined their program. I ordered a size 5-6 and was afraid it might be too big but it actually fits pretty well on my middle finger. I have long skinny fingers so it's hard finding rings that fit. This is stretching and fits comfortably.

Rhinestone Hello Kitty Double Piercing Earring

Now I usually save the best for last when posting up jewelry but I just couldn't wait to show you this. I have a few requests for this and it's finally available.

DP359 Rhinestone Hello Kitty Flower Chain Double Piercing Earring
Purchase Here

DP360 Eiffel Tower Black Silver Chain Heart Double Piercing Earring

Hello Kitty Angel Wings Cuff Earring + more cuff earrings

I noticed that a lot of people loves Hello Kitty jewelry so I made a couple more of them. Here is one of the few Hello Kitty jewelry I'll be adding soon. The hello kitty earring is also in the contest I'm hosting. Check it out here

CE316 Hello Kitty Angel Wings Cuff Earring

CE317 Butterfly Dangling Star Cuff Earring

CE318 Sterling Silver Round Swarovski Cuff Earring

Appreciation Giveaway Contest

Here is another giveaway for you. This is an appreciation giveaway because I want you to know that I appreciate you! I appreciate all the people who follow/read my blog, like me on facebook, follow me on twitter, and all the customers that placed orders with me on etsy and on my website. Just everyone that was involved in making SimplyyJ a success. I am also celebrating reaching over 1000 orders since I first started. This may not be a lot to big companies but to me, it's an accomplishment! So let's start with the prizes.

(picture above taken from

Here is a list of everything for the first winner selected:
Hello Kitty shirt in medium
#631 Stardust Bell Bracelet
Hello Kitty Angel Wings Cuff Earring (available soon)
Flower Stud (not made or available from me)

I will also select another person to receive:

#631 Stardust Bell Bracelet
Hello Kitty Angel Wings Cuff Earring (available soon)

So here are the rules:
- Open Worldwide
- People ages under 18 must get parents permission before entering the giveaway
- Follow this blog

There are many ways of entering.
- Leave a comment below this post with your name and email
- Make a post in your own blog mentioning this giveaway (add link in comments section)
- Retweet my contest tweet on @simplyyjenny (I will tweet it soon)
- Place an order between now until the contest ends leaving this note: appreciationgc

I think that's it
This will end midnight PST July 31, 2011 but I may extend it if there are not enough entries. I will put all the entries together on one spreadsheet and randomly select two people when the contest closes. Good Luck!

More Single Cartilage Earrings

#SC502 16g Surgical Steel Barbell Ball 5/16

#SC503 16g Surgical Steel Barbell Spike 3/8

#SC504 Sterling Silver Open Star Stud

Ear cuff or rhinestone stud with charm

Don't like just a plain ear cuff or a plain stud? This allows you to add a charm to the ear cuff or stud. The rhinestone stud comes in only 1 side and is more meant for the cartilage or an extra earring for those one sided cuff earrings. I will add more charms as I get more in stock.

Ear Cuff w/Charm

Rhinestone Stud w/Charm

Bow, Gold Filled, Star Moon, Heart Double Piercing Cartilage Earrings

I always try to make different things from everyone else but also keep the simplicity of my pieces. This black bow stud was entirely handmade by me from fabric, glue, and a stud post. I am very proud of this creation and the rest of them.

#DP354 Black and Silver Bow Stud Double Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP355 Light Green Stardust Crystal Dangle Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP356 Two Hearts Swarovski Crystals Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP357 Gold Filled Heart Double Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing

#DP358 Rhinestone Star and Moon Stud Cartilage/Double Piercing

Star Cuff Earrings

Of course every time I make new jewelry, I always have to make some new cuff earrings. This time is no different. However, these earrings are not made from new supplies. They are just new designs from charms I've had but they're still great pieces that I know a lot of people will like.

#CE312 Silver Solid Stars 2 Chain Dangle Cuff Earring

#CE313 Gold Double Star Long Cuff Earring

 #CE314 Silver Swirl Crystal Short Cuff Earring
Only 1 available

#CE315 Sterling Silver Open Star Double Chain Cuff Earring