New Creations Cuff Earrings!

Here are some cuff earrings. I reached the 300 numbers on my labeling which means I have made over 100 cuff earrings designs so far. This is the most of any category I have so I added a page 2 to the cuff earring page. This way, loading will be faster when separated. I was at the nail store again yesterday and wanted to buy another konad kit for another giveaway but will probably do this another time. I think people liked it so that might be a prize again in the future. 

 CE296 Swarovski Butterfly Sterling Cuff Earring

 CE297 Sterling Silver Heart & Swarovski Helix Crystals Cuff Earring
Only 1 available

 CE298 Antique Bronze Star Double Chain Cuff Earring

 CE299 Antique Silver Owl Double Chain Cuff Earring

 CE300 Black Small Large Chain Wings Cuff Earring

 CE301 Black and Gold Bee Cuff Earring
Purchase Here

CE302 Silver and Black Long Dangle Cuff Earring

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