Sterling Silver Tube Friendship Bracelet

I made these bracelets a long time ago but never got around to posting it up because I wanted to make sure to perfect it first. I love these bracelets and wear them often. The colors I chose were my favorite but I do have several other colors. If you're interested, just email me and I'll let you know if I have the color you want before placing your order.

 #647 Sterling Silver Tube Friendship Bracelet

Random New Earrings (10/24/12)

Here are some random new earrings of this and that. After this, I will be working on adding the bracelets I have been working on. Then after I'm done with that, hopefully I will have more new earrings before the holiday season rush. I'll have more details on the holiday deadlines and extras when it gets closer. Thanks for the support!

#CE380 Sterling Silver Flower Threader Cuff Earring
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 #DC113 Sterling Silver Ball Stud Chain Double Piercing Cuff Earring

 #SC512 Sterling Silver Mesh Bow Stud

 #SC513 Sterling Silver Brushed Flower Stud

#SC514 Silver Rhinestone Bow Single Stud

New Single Ear Cuffs (10/22/12)

 #SEC303 Gold Filled 2.5mm Cubic Zirconia Ear Cuff

#SEC304 Personalized Sterling Silver Band Ear Cuff

 #SEC305 Sterling Silver CZ Drop Ear Cuff

 #SEC306 Sterling Silver Bow Knot Ear Cuff

 #SEC307 Silver Plain Ring Ear Cuff

#SEC308 Silver Four Strand Ear Cuff

New Double Piercing Earrings Part 3/3 (10/19/12)

#DP445 Sterling Silver CZ Mesh Bow Cartilage Double Piercing

 #DP446 Mixed Colored Chains Cartilage Double Piercing 

 #DP447 Green Grape Vine Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP448 Extra Large Silver Bow Cartilage Double Piercing

New Sterling Silver Double Piercing Earrings Part 2/3 (10/16/12)

DP441 Sterling Silver Single Peace Cartilage Double Piercing

DP442 Sterling Silver Single Cross Cartilage Double Piercing

DP443 Sterling Silver Large Leaf Cartilage Double Piercing

DP444 Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver and Gold Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing