Added items

Hello there! I have added a few more of my creations of my website. I added a lot more cards but will not be posting all the pictures here. There is just too many. Here are the jewelry I have added though.

#268 14k Rose Gold Filled Ear Cuff

#337 Rhinestone Swarovski Butterfly Cartilage/Double Piercing

#536 Swarovski Pink Star and Helix Crystals Necklace

#CE284 Rhinestone Stud Plain CE

I have to say that I love the rose gold ear cuff. I think it's because it looks good on my skin tone. I might be making more jewelry in rose gold but it's pretty hard to find. We'll see how well this ear cuff works out.

Don't forget about the Facebook giveaway. Here is the link to all the details.

Facebook Contest/Giveaway

Yes I'm finally on Facebook! What better way to launch my Facebook than to have a giveaway! Yay! It's been way too long since I last had a giveaway. I hope you like this one as much as you like the last one. 

First, let's see the prizes I will be giving away:

3 pk Nail stickers
Konad Basic Stamping Kit - S Set
#251 3 Plain Ear Cuffs in silver, gold and black
#CE284 Rhinestone Stud Plain Cuff Earring (will be available on my website soon)
#430 Crystal Plastic Stud - 4mm in all colors and clear set
#426 Angel Wings Star Dangle Earring
#536 Pink Swarovski Star Dangle Necklace

All you have to do is be a fan of SimplyyJ on Facebook and I'll randomly choose a winner on May 14, 2011. That is about 2 weeks so get on it!

Here is the link:

You could also find it on the sidebar.

I think that's it. So here are additional photos of the prizes

More Gold (with Hello Kitty) and more bows!

I feel like I need more variety in my jewelry. I've been looking into gold jewelry lately and it's pretty expensive. I mean real gold  and not those gold plated ones. I love how rose gold looks but they are a bit harder to find so it might take a while for me to add that but I'm thinking of adding gold-filled jewelry too. Let me know what you think. As for now, here are a few of my new creations!

CE281 Bow Pearl Circle Cluster Cuff Earring

CE282 Gold Hello Kitty Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE283 Gold Flowers Dangle Cuff Earring

#336 Flower Diamond Dangle Cartilage/Double Piercing

Requests for Pictures of Jewelry Modeled

Hi. As you can see from the title, I wanted to make a post for people to request for jewelry they want to see modeled. I only have a few jewelry that I personally worn and took pictures of how they look like when worn on the ears. The ones I modeled were those that I personally loved and made for myself. So here's your chance to make some requests!

A bunch of this and that...

I've been busy this whole week so I didn't get to take pictures of the new jewelry I made until yesterday. I just posted up a few. So here they are:

#365 Flower Gift Box

#429 White Mesh Bow Dangle Earring

  #430 Crystal Plastic Studs

#534 Blue Heart Crystals Dangle Necklace

#535 Lovely Swarovski Heart Word Necklace

I have a few more things that are not up yet so this is it for now. Look forward to a few cuff earrings and cartilage/double piercing earrings in the near future. Thanks for stopping by!

USPS increased prices? =(

Hi. I wanted to inform you of a few changes made by the United States Postal Service. I've been shipping all my orders with them ever since I started selling and it haven't changed throughout the whole time. I noticed about a week ago that they were increasing their shipping prices for first class packages. This means I need to adjust my shipping prices from this change. I am giving 3 days notice before I officially change my shipping prices.

As for April 20, 2011, here are my new shipping prices for
US Flat Rate - $2.75
US Priority Mail - $5.75
International - $4 (no change)
International Priority Mail - $13.75

So make your purchases before I make this change. In other news, I will be taking pictures of new jewelry hopefully tomorrow so look forward to that soon! I also added new buttons such as facebook, tweet, etc for each jewelry so I'd be really happy if you used them. Thanks! =)

Butterflies, Penguins, Bunnies...

Hi. I've been working on new jewelry a lot lately. So here they are. Enjoy!

#267 Sterling Silver Ear Cuff w/Freshwater Pearl

 CE276 Black Bow Butterfly Crystals Cuff Earring

 CE277 Single Penguin Cuff Earring

 CE278 Bunny Freshwater Pearl Dangle Cuff Earring

 CE279 Glitter Star Stud Cuff Earring

CE280 Black and Turquoise Vein Cuff Earring

Added Earrings

Hi. I haven't done much on my blog lately except post new items. I want to have another giveaway soon but I still need time to work on it. So for now, here are a few new items I have added.

#335 Sterling Silver Pink Butterfly Crystal Cartilage/Double Piercing
Features a swarovski butterfly crystal in rosaline and a helix crystal in clear ab. All metals are sterling silver.

#423 Silver Starfish and Bee Dangle Earring
Features silver starfish and bee charms.

#427 Black Diamond Crystal Earring
Features a round swarovski crystal in black diamond.

#428 Purple Tear Drop Crystal Earring
Features swarovski teardrops in amethyst and rondelle spacer beads on a silver teardrop stud.

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon