Going on vacation soon

I just wanted to post this up that I will be on vacation from  
February 3 to February 18, 2012
I am going out of town without my jewelry supplies so I will not be able to fulfill any orders. Hopefully I will have internet. If I do, I will be able to respond to emails, do some site maintenance, and possibly post up some sales. I'm letting everyone know so that if you're planning on making any purchases for Valentine's Day gifts, you just need to purchase it by February 2nd for me to ship it before I leave on vacation.

Double Piercing Earrings Part 3 (1-13)

This is the last addition for the double piercing earrings (until I get more supplies and create more). I hope you like the ones I have put up so far. I want to mention that you may notice that some things are priced higher than I normally price them at. On some items, it is more expensive to make now than it did before. For certain items, I went to a different place to purchase these supplies and they were a lot more expensive than my normal supplies. That is also why some items are limited in stock.

DP406 Rhinestone Square Stud Cartilage Double Piercing

DP407 Single Flower Cartilage Double Piercing

DP408 Bronze Leaf Dangle Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

DP409 14k Gold Filled Single Star Cartilage Double Piercing

 DP410 Sterling Silver Single Seahorse Cartilage Double Piercing
DP411 14k Gold Filled Single Seahorse Cartilage Double Piercing

DP412 Sterling Silver Single Leaf Cartilage Double Piercing

More Double Piercing Earrings 1-11

 DP401 Sterling Silver Star Rhodium-Plated Cubic Zirconia Cartilage Double Piercing

 DP402 Large Black/White Wing Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

DP403 Spike Silver and Black Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

DP404 Rhinestone Hello Kitty Red Bow Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

DP405 Cross 16g Rhinestone Barbell Cartilage Double Piercing

DP400 Silver Flower White Bead Charm Double Piercing

New Cartilage Double Piercing Added 1-09

It took a while for me to put these up but here are the first couple of the new double piercing earrings. I have had these earrings made (and took pictures of) since before the holidays but since it got so crazy, I didn't get to put up anything. I mentioned before that I may go on vacation and I didn't even get to do that. I pushed it back so I might be gone for maybe 3 weeks in February? It's not quite planned yet but when it is, I will update on that and with all the details. This is just a heads up for those planning on getting gifts for next month (such as Valentine's Day). So here they are. I think I still need to put up about 10-15 more.

 #DP395 Bronze Large Plumeria Stud Cartilage Double Piercing
#DP396 Rhinestone Gold Feather Long Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP397 Bubbled Star Black and Silver Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP398 Nautical Triple Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP399 Heart Short Double Chain Double Piercing

New Double Piercing Cuff Earring 1-06

DC111 Black Star Single & Double Chain Double Piercing Cuff Earring

 DC110 Silver Mismatched Cable Chains Double Piercing Cuff Earring

New Triple Piercing Earrings 1-06

TP111 Plain Small & Large Chains Cartilage Triple Piercing

TP112 14k Gold Filled Oval Loop Chain Cartilage Triple Piercing

Starry Chain Wrap Bracelet

#638 Starry Chain Wrap Bracelet

More Cuff Earrings Added 1-1-12 (Picture Heavy)

Here are the second set of new cuff earrings I added. If you noticed, I did "model" more earrings this time because I absolutely love these pieces and I want you to see the size of these when worn. Some of these are very limited in quantities so grab them while you can because I highly doubt they will come back in stock when they sell out.

CE355 Bow Embroidery Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE356 Bow Rhinestone Dangle Chain Cuff Earring

CE357 Silver Leaf Extra Long Chain Solid Cuff Earring

CE358 Open Star Stardust Drop Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE359 Feathery Dangle Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE360 Sterling Silver Small Heart Dangle Cuff Earring

CE361 Bronze Peace Charm Cuff Earring