Custom Wedding Jewelry

I haven't made a post in a while because I took time off on taking pictures of jewelry so I have nothing to post but I have been making a ton of new jewelry. I will try to take pictures of it tomorrow and hopefully have some new jewelry up soon. As for now, I'm going to show you a set I custom made for someone's wedding. These were for the bridesmaids and some were for the flower girls. It's my first large custom order for a wedding so I wanted to share this with you.

These two pictures on top are the same bracelet for the bridesmaids and the picture on the bottom is the bracelet for the flower girls.

 And lastly, this picture is the large dangle earrings for the bridesmaids. This is actually a much larger version of another earring I have for sale here. I love how this turned out.

As you can see, her theme colors are lavender and green. I love these colors together. When I have my wedding in 1-2 years, I want the colors to be purple and silver or purple and gold. Maybe I could make jewelry for my bridesmaids too. I enjoyed making this order and welcome any custom orders if anybody is interested. Thanks Lori!

Price Adjustments to Gold Filled Earrings

I dropped the prices of gold filled earrings. I just wanted to make it more affordable. If you were interested in the gold filled jewelry but thought the price was a little high, check it out now! Here is some more details on gold filled jewelry.

Gold filled jewelry is made from solid gold and filled with other alloys such as rhodium (a member of the platinum family), brass, and sterling silver.  Gold filled wears, looks and lasts like solid gold because its outer surface is solid gold.  Everything you can see and touch is pure gold. In the jewelry industry the quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product. If a product is 14k, the total amount of gold in the piece is 14/20 by weight. Gold filled jewelry can last a lifetime.

Here are all the gold filled jewelry I currently have available.

#268 14k Rose Gold Filled Ear Cuff
#269 14k Gold Filled Ear Cuff

#270 14k Gold Filled Ear Cuff w/Open Heart

#CE285 14k Gold Filled Plain Cuff Earring
CE293 9k Gold Filled Hibiscus Flower Cuff Earring 

CE290 14K Gold Filled Heart Chain Cuff Earring

New Additions Part 4 - Triple Piercing Earrings

This is a completely new type of earring that I haven't made often but I have my ears pierced like this and there must be other people looking for earrings like this. I call this the triple piercing earring because it is for a pierced cartilage and two ear lobe piercings. I decided to "model" one of the earring to show you how it looks. If you only have two ear lobe piercings and want the cartilage piercing to be changed to an ear cuff, let me know by emailing me and I could make this too. So onto the pictures!

TP101 Sterling Silver 3D Star Triple Piercing

TP102 Silver Star and Filigree Triple Piercing

TP103 Gold Star and Filigree Triple Piercing

TP104 Silver Black Crystals Triple Piercing

 TP105 Sterling Silver Small & Large Chains Triple Piercing

Hope you enjoyed my new additions series!

New Additions Part 3

This is part 3 of the new jewelry. This have no specific section/type because they are all different. I have 1 more part of new additions and I will be done until next time. I hope you're enjoying all the new things I've added! Thanks for visiting.

#271 Stardust Ear Cuff

#432 Swarovski Angel Earring
Only 1 available

#826 Guess Bracelet (non-handmade)

New Additions Part 2

This is the second post of my newly added items. Of course it's cuff earrings. I love making them and people love purchasing them. Hope you like them! See you in my next post.

CE290 14K Gold Filled Heart Chain Cuff Earring

CE291 I Heart Paris Cuff Earring

 CE292 Sterling Silver Black Diamond Heart Cuff Earring
CE293 9k Gold Filled Hibiscus Flower Cuff Earring 

CE294 Sterling Silver Double Chain Cuff Earring

 CE295 Silver and Black Feather Cuff Earring

New Additions Part 1

I made at least 20 new items that I will be adding on the website in the new few days. This is a lot to me and I will also be adding a new category so this is exciting. There will also be some new items that are one of a kind/only 1 available so if you like these, purchase them before they're gone. Here is the first part of the new additions: cartilage/double piercing earrings

#339 Sterling Silver Leaf Double Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing

 #340 Star and Moon Stud Cartilage/Double Piercing
 #341 Single Gold Heart Cartilage/Double Piercing

#342 Single Cross Cartilage/Double Piercing

 #343 Single Key Cartilage/Double Piercing

#344 Single Black Butterfly Cartilage/Double Piercing

 #345 Swarovski Helix Flower Cartilage/Double Piercing

#346 Gold Flower Crystals Cartilage/Double Piercing

Giveaway Winner

I chose a winner on for my facebook giveaway earlier today. I didn't get to do it last night but there weren't any new fans since then. First off, I want to thank everyone for entering/becoming a fan. I didn't know how I was going to contact the winner because I didn't know how to contact people on facebook. It's still kind of new to me so the winner needs to email me please.

So the winner is:
Ann Elle

please email me. My email can be found on the side bar. Thanks!
Now lets look at the prizes again...

plus an added prize: a hello kitty decal!

Thanks again to all who entered. Ann Elle please email me within 3 days or else I'll have to choose a new winner. Thanks!

Added to Giveaway: Hello Kitty Decal

Hi I just wanted to add a prize to the giveaway. I made this a while back. It is a hello kitty vinyl decal, is about 4"x5.5" and can be applied on many surfaces. I have several colors but will be giving away a white one. I know how so many people loves hello kitty. Here is the link to where you could purchase this:

Here is the link to the giveaway for all the details:

Not many people entered this giveaway so there is a good chance that you could win! This giveaway closes tomorrow at midnight PST and I will choose a winner (randomly) right on midnight.

Added clip-ons and more cuff earrings

I wanted to add clip-ons for a while now but had difficulty taking pictures of it. If you look at the last picture, you'll see the clip-on I have now that can be substituted in for ball studs in all of my jewelry. If you don't have an ear piercing, this is perfect for you. Here are the other earrings I added:

 CE286 Sterling Silver Swarovski Starfish Cuff Earring
Only 1 available

CE287 Butterfly Bow Stud Cuff Earring
Two colors available

CE288 Antique Wing Crystals Cuff Earring

CE289 Plain Clip-on Stud Cuff Earring