New Rings (11-06-13)

This should have been added a few days ago but I've been having trouble with my website. I'm looking into creating a new website and maybe creating a new name. I still need ideas for this. This will take some time but as for now, I was able to get it to work. I will be uploading a lot of new pieces soon so enjoy!

 #WR140 Sterling Silver JOY Knuckle Ring Set

 #WR141 Sterling Silver Flower Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Pinky Ring

 #WR142 Sterling Silver XO Knuckle Ring

#WR143 Sterling Silver Equality Knuckle Ring

#WR144 Sterling Silver Love Always Ring

Winter Pieces

Get into the holiday spirit with some winter themed jewelry. Here are the winter pieces I currently have on

CE254 Holiday Joy II Cuff Earring

CE378 Reindeer Black Silver Triple Chain Cuff Earring

#DP394 Snowflake Crystal Dangle Cartilage/Double Piercing

CE348 Silver Snowflakes Crystal Dangle Cuff Earring

#NC553 Sterling Silver Winter Snowflake Necklace

New Gift Boxes

Happy November! I wanted to start the month by introducing the new gift boxes. I will be adding new pieces very soon so look out for that and I hope everyone have a wonderful month.

New Necklaces (10-20-13)

This is my last addition of new jewelry for a little while. I have been adding new items every other day but have now reached the end. I have more planned and will have them up as soon as I get pictures of them. 

 #549 Sterling Silver Long Bar Necklace

 #550 Sterling Silver Heart Chain Necklace

 #NC551 Sterling Silver Infinity Charm Necklace

 #NC552 Sterling Silver Triangle Necklace

#NC553 Sterling Silver Winter Snowflake Necklace

New Bracelets (10-18-13)

 #655 Sterling Silver Heart Chain Bracelet

#656 Sterling Silver Swarovski Crystal Ring Bracelet

New Single Ear Cuffs (10-16-13)

 #SEC345 Sterling Silver Wire Butterfly Ear Cuff

 #SEC346 Gold Filled Heart Ear Cuff

#SEC347 Sterling Silver Star Ear Cuff