Holiday Sale and some pictures

I have been wanting to put this up for a long time but have not had the chance to until now. I am having a 15% off sale again on etsy. Use this coupon code upon checkout: HOLIDAY15

This coupon code will expire on January 5th so you'll have a week to place your order. So now onto the pictures!

It snowed the day after Christmas here in NC for only one day. I wanted to make a snowman but there weren't enough snow. All the picture here was taken with my Canon S95 without any editing. All I did was re-size them.

I loved how this picture turned out.

Here is a picture of my Christmas tree. I don't want to take it down yet but will have to before the new year.
This is our first Christmas tree so we don't have many variety of ornaments just yet.

And here is my football birthday ice cream cake.
It was a snickers ice cream cake from Walmart and my husband tried writing out 24 on the cake with the candles =/. Why football? I don't know but it was delicious.

And remember back then when I wrote about the Marine Corps Ball? Well here is a picture I took at the table.
I had a lot of fun that day.

And here is a picture of me and my husband.
He doesn't want me posting pictures of us but oh well...

Well that's about it I believe. Like seeing pictures of things other than my jewelry? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by.

New One of a Kind Bracelets

I made two new bracelets and these are going to be one of a kind. I really liked how they turned out. I've been really busy with order lately due to the holidays so I wasn't able to find time to make new items. I still have things I want to ship out before Christmas and hopefully I will do that today. Well here are the new bracelets.

#629 Turquoise Mixed Bracelet
Features a variety of beads in silver and turquoise on this charm bracelet.
7" length

#630 Green Mixed Heart Bracelet
Features a variety of silver and green bead with a swarovski green heart charm.
7" length

Holiday Update

I just wanted to update on some things that are going on now or will happen soon. I am planning on raising my shipping prices for US orders so that I could provide tracking confirmation on ALL orders. I previously only provide this for orders $15 and over. I started providing tracking confirmation on all US orders starting today but will not raise the price until this Friday (12.17.10). This gives everyone a chance to place their order before the price change and get this deal.

I wanted to add a new product on my website before Christmas too but it doesn't seem like I could do this. It's taking a lot longer for me to put everything together so I am pushing this back a bit. We'll see how it goes.

I am also turning 24 at the end of this month! December 27 is the exact date. =) However, no vacation for me this year. I wanted to visit home (in Cali) but will have to push this back a little further. I haven't been back since I left to NC last January but we are planning on moving back soon. Maybe February?

So here's a picture of our first Christmas tree. We bought it last weekend and don't have many ornaments yet. It's small but I love it! Exactly what we wanted. We purchased it at Target.

I'll try to remember to take a picture once I get more ornaments on it. And remember, the cut off date to get your order in time for Christmas is December 18. Any orders placed after this date is no guarantee but I'll try to ship them soon. This only applies to US orders. The cutoff date for international orders already passed.

I think that's all the update I have for now. Happy Holidays!

Several new jewelry

I made some new jewelry according to what people want/ask for. I have a poll on the main page of my website asking what (type of jewelry) you want to see more of. The top two are ear cuffs/cuff earrings and cartilage/double piercing earrings. So that's what I made.

#326 Sterling Silver Clear AB Crystals Cartilage/Double Piercing
Features 3 swarovski clear ab crystals on this sterling silver double piercing. Can be worn side-by-side or one on the cartilage and one on the earlobe.

 #327 Sterling Silver Flat Heart Chain Cartilage/Double Piercing
Features a flat heart chain on this cartilage/double piercing earring. Can be worn side-to-side or one on the cartilage and one of the earlobe.

 and here are some cuff earrings I custom made

#CE257 Black Stud Stars Cuff Earring
Features a pewter star stud, pewter star charm, and a black crystal. This is for one side.

#CE258 Safety Pin Black Cuff Earring
Features a safety pin, swarovski black diamond crystal, and a double chain with a pewter star stud and black ear cuff. 

That's it for now. I hope you like! =)

Open heart earring stud

This is not something very new and different. I made this when I first made the sterling silver open heart double piercing earring for myself. I wanted something I could wear with the earring that would match but never added this in my store. No one ever asked for something to match with their earring but I finally decided to share this with those that are interested in purchasing something in my store but it's only for one ear and you don't know what you would wear on the other ear. Well here is it:

You can purchase this here
And these are the earrings that you could match this with:

I could also make single earrings for other single sided earrings when requested. I have a few more new items to add once I find more time. Thanks for visiting!

Starfish Bracelet

I was trying to create a new piece for one of my customers but was stuck and noticed a few swarovski crystals I had just lying around so I decided to just make a new bracelet. Here it is:

#628 Sterling Silver Starfish Pearl Bracelet
This handmade bracelet features a crystallized Swarovski starfish crystal, swarovski clear crystals, and glass pearls. Chain is sterling silver flat hearts with a sterling silver heart clasp.
Only 2 available

Notice the quality of the pictures? I love my new camera! =) I think I could make the quality even better if I play around with it some more. I've been wanting to do so much but can't fit things into my schedule. I love crafts and I am planning something new to add to my website. I'm very excited to tell everyone but I don't have all the details, materials, etc to say more. I want to have everything prepared before I launch it. I do have new pieces that I will post up soon. Look out for my future posts!