Earcuffs breakdown

I made two new cuff earrings.

#212 Heart Pearl Dangle Cuff Earring
Price: $7

#213 Green Dragonfly Cuff Earring
Price: $7

I also wanted to add some pictures of how these are worn. I know it's somewhat new to some people but ear cuffs wraps around the ear with No piercing required and should fit snugly into the ear canal. Here is a picture I got online showing how it should be worn.

Mine are wired though. I like them better because it's not too solid and it's gentle to the ear. Here is a picture of my handmade ear cuff

This was actually the first ear cuff I made and I was pretty proud of myself. I have gotten a lot better at making these and it looks just slightly different. It now looks more like this.

As for the cuff earrings, I like it simple and plain. This is the one I wear most often.

Some people also wear it higher up on the ear. Like the one in this picture

(picture I took from thisnext.com)

So these are just different ways ear cuffs could be worn. I also changed my layout for this blog and added links above so it would be easier to view my jewelries. I also added an order form page where people who are interested in purchasing my items could just fill out the form to place an order. All these links are found on the top of the page. I will be adding more things soon. 

New Earcuffs

I made new ear cuffs =)

Earcuff w/small star or heart
Price: $2

Star Earcuff 
Price: $2 

Star Drop Earcuff
Price: $2

Swarovski Crystal Drop Earcuff
Price: $2

Double Chain Dangle Star/Pearl Cuff Earring pair
(right picture is slightly bigger. The stars are actually the same size)

Price: $8

Blue Dangle Star Cuff Earring
Price: $8

Swarovski Necklaces + bracelet

I made 2 swarovski necklaces and 1 bracelet =)

Pink Swarovski AB Heart Necklace
w/ swarovski pearl
16" chain
Price: $10

Pink Swarovski Star Necklace
16" 18K Gold Plated chain
Price: $10

Pink and White Swarovski Bracelet
6" 18K Gold Plated Chain (or any length you desire)
Price: $10