New Knuckle Rings Part 2 (9-20-13)

Here is the rest of the new rings. There are still a lot more items I have planned for upcoming holiday season so look out for those along the next couple of months.

 #WR119 Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Heart Knuckle Ring

 #WR120 Sterling Silver Wave Knuckle Ring

 #WR121 Sterling Silver Love Knot Knuckle Ring

#WR122 Sterling Silver Infinity Knuckle Ring

New Knuckle Rings Part 1 (9-19-13)

I am most excited for the addition of new rings. I have put a lot of time into them and I really hope you love them as much as I do. They were all handmade and because of so many requests, they are all made to size. I know adjustable rings are easier and they fit so many sizes but now you don't have to worry about it pinching your finger or getting caught in things. Here is a preview of all the rings but the rest of the rings will be posted up separately tomorrow.

 #WR115 Sterling Silver Bow Knot Knuckle Ring

 #WR116 Gold Filled Thin Knuckle Ring

 #WR117 Sterling Silver Mini Cross Knuckle Ring

#WR118 Sterling Silver Reflect Circles Knuckle Ring

Lots of new random earrings

Here are the new earrings I have added to my website. There is no specific category because there are just one in each category so I decided to put them all up together.

 #CE391 Sterling Silver Cable and Heart Triple Chain Cuff Earring

 #DC115 Sterling Silver Single & Double Chain Stardust Double Piercing Cuff Earring

 #DP469 Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Flower Cartilage Double Piercing

 #SC523 Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Flower Single Stud

#SEC344 Sterling Silver Love Heart Ear Cuff

New Double Piercing Earrings (9-13-13)

Happy Friday the 13th! I have been making lots of new things recently. I hope the weather here stays a bit brighter so I can continue taking photos in my backyard. I feel that I get the best lighting outside. However, I was only able to take photos of these on the ears (modeled). I hope you'll still love them.

 #DP465 Sterling Silver Single Treble Clef Cartilage Double Piercing

 #DP466 Sterling Silver Long Leaf Double Chain Double Piercing

 #DP467 Sterling Silver Mini Hearts Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP468 Sterling Silver Long Dangle Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

New Single Ear Cuffs (9-11-13)

#SEC340 Large Feather Sterling Silver Ear Cuff  

 #SEC341 Sterling Silver Two Swirl Ear Cuff

 #SEC342 Sterling Silver X Ear Cuff

#SEC343 Sterling Silver Single Bow Ear Cuff