Cuff Earrings plus my twitter

I was planning on posting this tomorrow but I am going to be with family and may be too busy so here are the new cuff earrings. If you go on my website and look at the left side,  I added an extra link to page 2 of the Cuff Earrings. This gives you an easier way to access the new cuff earrings I post up without having to go to the first page.

CE303 Pink Fairy Stardust Cuff Earring
Only 1 available
CE304 Bronze Small Leaf Cuff Earring

CE305 Bunny Star Dangle Cuff Earring

CE306 Bow and Black Crystal Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE307 Silver Feather Crystals Dangle Cuff Earring

 CE308 Hello Kitty Red Crystals Cuff Earring
CE309 Bronze Eiffel Tower Cuff Earring

CE310 Sunflower Studs Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE311 Bronze Cross Gold Double Chain Cuff Earring

I also want to mention my twitter account. I have had this account for a while but didn't use it often. Now I'm tweeting more so if you want, follow me. I have the link on the side but here it is:

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