I'm in North Carolina!

Yes I have made it to my destination. It was a very long 3 day trip and I have finally (somewhat) settled down for now. We might be moving to a new place soon so I may still be a bit busy. I didn't get to take many pictures during my trip because I was mostly sleeping and we didn't stop for any sightseeing. All we wanted to do was get to our destination. When we move back in like a year and a half, we might take our time and visit some places. There are major differences between California and North Carolina. Places are so far away =(

So enough about that. I haven't made any new pieces yet. I received a couple new stock that I'm really excited to work with. But...I left my camera charger at home in Cali so I need to have it shipped here before I could really take my time to take pictures. For now, I only have this:

Sterling Silver Plain Ear Cuff
Price: $4

I'll be taking more pictures soon. Oh and I forgot to mention that I've reached over 100 orders. Thanks everyone for the support =)