New Cartilage Piercing Earrings

Many people loved the Plain Heart Double Piercing earring I posted a while back and now I have made a few more with this simple design. Here are the ones I've made.

#320 Single Butterfly Double/Cartilage Piercing
Features a filigree butterfly on this double piercing earring. Stud can be worn in ear cartilage as well as double ear lobe piercing. This is for one side only.

#321 Single Star Double/Cartilage Piercing
This features a simple star charm on this double/cartilage piercing earring. Stud can be worn in ear cartilage as well as double ear lobe piercing. This is for one side only.

This is all I made so far. I would really appreciate it if anybody have suggestions for new pieces. Thanks!

New Cuff Earrings

I was finally able to take some pictures of the new jewelry yesterday. Here are the five new cuff earrings I've made.

#232 Flower Pearl Cuff Earring
Features flower studs with dangling flower frames with glass pearls in the center and a connecting ear cuff on one side.

 #233 Single Dolphin Cuff Earring
Features a dolphin charm dangling with two swarovski crystals from a cuff earring. This comes as a single sided cuff earring.

#234 Angel Wings Double Chain Cuff Earring
Features angel wings, black swarovski crystals, and a black/silver double chain connecting to an ear cuff. Studs are surgical steel. This is a mismatched pair.

#235 Loving Hearts Cuff Earring
Features open heart dangling from heart studs and a chain connecting to an ear cuff with pearl on one side. This is a mismatched pair.

#236 Butterfly Filigree Cuff Earring
Features silver filigree butterfly and bead on this cuff earring. This is for one side.

This is it for now. I have a few more pieces but they will be on a different post coming soon. Check out my new site too! is now open =)

I have been working on this site for almost 2 weeks and now it's finally (almost) finished. I wanted a site where I could organize my jewelry and have the ability to control how things look. I will only have one other site that will have my jewelry available for purchase, which is etsy. I will still have my blogger though. There's something about having this blog that I love but I can't get it on my site. They are both run by google and yet they have to be separate? Well as for now, I'm still here! So check it out!

I have actually been working on many new pieces but have not taken pictures of them. It's difficult with the horrible weather here. I'm not happy with the lighting but I will take pictures soon and post them up. There's actually a lot to post up.

And like I mentioned before, there will be a giveaway coming soon. I am still looking for prizes so hang tight and thanks for still subscribing with me =)