New Necklace and Bracelets!

I've been making a lot of new sterling silver pieces lately because I feel that now I'm able to truly make great quality pieces with the supplies and tools that I now have. I'm still investing in more tools but I can say that I have a great deal already and I learned a lot of techniques since I first started. So look forward to more sterling silver pieces. I will still occasionally make pieces with other metals but the focus of the future is on sterling silver.

 #547 Sterling Silver Wire-wrapped Love Necklace

#SET101 Sterling Silver Bow Knot Necklace Earring Set

#649 Sterling Silver Personalized Band Bracelet

#652 Sterling Silver Live Laugh Love Cuff Bracelet

New Cuff Earrings (2-14-13)

#CE381 Sterling Silver Leaf Cuff Earring 

#CE382 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Cuff Earring

New Single Cartilage Earrings

 #SC517 Sterling Silver Princess Crown Cuff Stud

#SC518 Sterling Silver Heart Threaded Stud

Back from vacation with new ear cuffs!

Hi. I just came back from vacation yesterday and I was actually working on adding new pieces onto my website while I was gone. I know it's not the best vacation but I was able to relax my hands and enjoy the crisp clean air in Seattle. So now that I'm back, here are the new pieces.

 #SEC316 Oxidized Sterling Silver Bow Knot Ear Cuff

 #SEC317 Gold Filled Plain Ring Ear Cuff

 #SEC318 Sterling Silver Ball Wire Ear Cuff

 #SEC319 Sterling Silver Flower Ear Cuff

 #SEC320 Sterling Silver Love Solid Band Ear Cuff

#SEC321 Sterling Silver Hope Solid Band Ear Cuff