New Rings 9.26.2014

I love adding new products to my store. There are plenty of new items I will be adding in the coming weeks but I am still working things out with my new camera. I recently purchased a new camera so I am so excited to do a little more photography but that may take a while. I'm self taught so it may take some time. These new items were shot with my older camera. I used a Canon S95 for maybe the past 5 years and I loved it but it was time for an upgrade. These photos below were taken with my Canon and they still look amazing. I'll try to update soon.

 Sterling Silver Two Cubic Zirconia Corner Half Ring

Gold Filled Thin Glitter Textured Knuckle Ring

 Gold Filled Solid Star Knuckle Ring

Rose Gold Filled Solid Heart Knuckle Ring

 Rose Gold Filled Cross Knuckle Ring

 Rose Gold Thin Glittered Textured Knuckle Ring

 Sterling Silver Personalized Double Heart Knuckle Ring

Sterling Silver Tiny Heart Pinky Ring

New Earrings (8.02.14)

 Sterling Silver Flat Swirl Bar Earring

 Sterling Silver Hammered Wire V Threader

 Sterling Silver 4mm Cubic Zirconia Extra Long Thread Earring

 Sterling Silver Long Sparkle Dangle Earring

  Sterling Silver Hammered Circle Earring

 Sterling Silver Large Hammered Circle Earring

Sterling Silver Horseshoe Earring

New Bracelets Added (7.28.2014)

Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Delicate Bracelet

Sterling Silver Personalized Couple Initial Bracelet

Update on Simplicity Charms part 2

I've also added a new category called cartilage earrings and I never really explained it. The only difference between this and the regular "earrings" is that it contains one earring instead of a pair. I make singles because not everybody have both of the cartilage pierced so they would only need one. It also doesn't apply only to the cartilage. These earrings can be worn on the earlobes as well and there are some people who have an extra piercing on one ear and not the other. The other reason for selling singles is because I a lot of the cuff earrings and double piercing earrings are sold as singles so you can choose what single earring you would want for the other ear. To me, it makes perfect sense. I could purchase just one ball earring for one ear and be able to change out the other ear with different cuff earrings or double piercing earrings. Anyways, after that long explanation.

I have included a few of the new items I added but they are not all of them. You can check out the rest here:
Cartilage Earrings

 Gold Filled Glittered Bow Knot Single Stud

 Sterling Silver Infinity Single Stud

Sterling Silver Hoop with Bow

 Sterling Silver Mini Bows Earring

 Sterling Silver Seamless Heart Earring

 Sterling Silver Nugget Bar Earring

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Long Thread Earring

 Sterling Silver Butterfly Leaf Branch Necklace

 Sterling Silver Swarovski Heart Necklace

Sterling Silver Personalized Star Necklace

I will be updating again soon on any