It's been a while since I updated. I hate updating without any pictures because they're just so boring to me but I have no pictures this time. I made a few new pieces recently but have not took any pictures. I am currently planning on taking new pictures of all my jewelry because I am planning on getting a whole new set up. The pictures are supposed to look amazing but I did not want to have the set up here. If you didn't know, I moved here (to NC) a year ago and will be moving back to Cali in February. I want to minimize the amount of things I need to move back so I want to wait until I move back before I put together this new set up. So that means waiting. I could take pictures of my new jewelry now but that would be wasting time since I plan on retaking the pictures anyways. So hold tight.

It will take time to get my jewelry from NC to CA and I am also planning on visiting Seattle for a week too so I will be on vacation. Here are the dates I will not be able to make jewelry orders:
January 28 - February 4
February 11 - February 18

That's a total of 2 weeks so place your orders now if you want to skip all the ciaos. But when I'm back, I'll be putting up a lot of things so look forward to that!