Giveaway Winners

I'm very happy and surprised with the turn out of this giveaway. I was planning on ending this giveaway for this past saturday whether or not I've reached 70 followers but before I could make a post on it, 70 followers were reached already. With as many entries as I received, I decided to give away an additional prize.

The first winner will receive the prizes indicated in the giveaway post (as well as a few additional items chosen by me).
The second winner will receive any jewelry of their choice in my store (with a value of $10 or below, excludes limited quantity items) as well as a few additional items chosen by me.

The winners were chosen by random on so here are the winners.

So the first prize winner is: Rena
who is receiving the prizes:

and the second prize winner is: Emely
who will chose a jewelry item of her choice.

Thanks for everyone who entered. I will email the winners and try to send the prizes out as soon.
And welcome to all the new followers.

Giveaway Update

We've reached the end of the giveaway! 70 followers have been reached and I'm giving it until 12pm PST tomorrow (9-11-10) to close the giveaway. This allows those who have not entered to enter before I end it. I've been really busy this past week. I have a few more items to add to the giveaway but have not taken pictures of them so I will try to do that by the time I announce the winner.

A small update on me:
Like I mentioned before, I would be really busy starting the end of the month but it came sooner than expected, which means I would be posting things a little less frequent than I have been. I will try to get back to how things were before once things settle down so don't worry! Since the giveaway turned out so well, I will most likely have another one soon.

Last chance to enter the giveaway

Cuff Earrings and small update

Here I go again with cuff earrings. I can't help it. Probably about 90% of my orders are from cuff earrings since it's not something you could easily find in stores. I've purchased several new charms and I am excited to create new things once I get into that creative mood again. Hopefully soon because like I mentioned before, I'm going to be really busy starting near the end of the month but I'll still try to keep up with orders like I have been. So on to the jewelry.

#249 Sterling Silver Pearl Double Chain Dangle Cuff Earring
Features a mismatched double chain cuff/dangle earring pair with swarovski crystals and glass pearls. This is completely 925 sterling silver. Available in peach pearl and pink pearl.

CE250 Sterling Silver Butterfly Pearls Cuff Earring
Features two pearls and a sterling silver butterfly charm. This is for one side and is completely 925 sterling silver.

CE251 Butterfly Pearls Cuff Earring
Features two pearls and a silver butterfly charm. This is for one side.

CE252 Dangle Charms Long Cuff Earring
Features three different beads on each dangle. Hooks are sterling silver.

As you can see, I'm getting stuck with naming these jewelry. I like to just be direct with the names but now I'm running out but I'm still going to keep naming them. Just bare with me with the names.

I will update on the giveaway soon. I wanted to add more things to the giveaway so it'll be in a different post. Thanks for visiting!