Freshwater Pearl Bow Double/Triple Piercing Earrings

 DP367 Pearl Stud and Crystals Cartilage/Double Piercing

TP107 Freshwater Pearl and Silver Bow Triple Piercing

New Sterling Silver/Freshwater Pearl/Bow Cuff Earrings

#CE325 Sterling Silver Textured Heart Chain Cuff Earring

#CE326 Freshwater Pearl Stud Bow Dangle Cuff Earring

#CE327 Butterfly Freshwater Pearl Double Chain Cuff Earring

#CE328 Swarovski Pearl Leaf Flower Bee Cuff Earring

Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs

I received this new sterling silver textured wire yesterday and I couldn't wait to make things with it and share with you. I took pictures of them earlier today and they're up and available right now! Check them out. Btw, it's difficult "modeling" jewelry on my ears because it's hard to take pictures without looking at what I'm taking, which is why I don't do it on every single earring I have. It takes too much time to get a good picture.

#281 Glitter Sterling Silver Plain Ear Cuff

 #282 Glitter Sterling Silver Swarovski Flower Ear Cuff

New Single Ear Cuffs!

#278 Ear Cuff w/Bow and Swarovski Heart

#279 Ear Cuff w/Hello Kitty Charm

#280 14k Gold Filled Ear Cuff w/Dangling Crystals

Cuff Earrings

#CE319 14K Gold Filled Swarovski Heart Cuff Earring

#CE320 Antique Feather Flower Double Chain Long Cuff Earring

#CE321 Flower Mixed Swarovski Pearls Cuff Earring

#CE322 Open Cross Black Silver Chains Cuff Earring

#CE323 Owl On Branch Double Chain Cuff Earring

#CE324 Silver Heart Pearl Connector Cuff Earring

Added Double Piercing Cartilage Earrings

#DP362 Sterling Silver Swarovski Jet Star Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring

DP363 Swarovski Helix Crystals Extra Long Chains Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring

DP364 Silver Heart Pearl Connector Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring

#DP365 Single Falchion Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring

#DP366 Bronze Plain Extra Long Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring

A Different Hello Kitty Cartilage Earring

First off, I know that a lot of people want to purchase #DP359 Rhinestone Hello Kitty Flower Chain Double Piercing Earring and I am waiting for my supplies to come in. It comes in 10s so I only had 10 available previously and it sold out very quickly. Now I am waiting for 10 more of the pink and 10 more of another color. I will let you know that a lot of people have contacted me asking when it will come back and I replied to everyone that it will most likely come back in stock by the middle of this month and to purchase it right away when it's in stock if you really want it. I will try to keep it in stock as long as I can but we'll see how it goes. So for now, here is a different hello kitty cartilage double piercing earring. I hope you like this just as much as you like the other one.

#DP361 Colored Hello Kitty Rhinestone Stud Cartilage/Double Piercing Earring