Feathers, Bunnies, and Bows Double Piercing Earrings

I love these double piercing earrings because it's just hard to find out in retail stores so I make my own. If I could get another piercing on my ear lobe, I just might do it. I don't get many requests for triple piercing earrings but for now, here's some double piercings. I am trying to make more feather earrings so right now I made some earrings from the only feathers I currently have but there will be more variety in the future. It is also hard to duplicate earrings with feathers because feathers vary between one another so most of the feather earrings will be one of a kind.

 #DP351 Spotted Natural Feather Cartilage Double Piercing
Only 1 available
 #DP352 Silver Bow Crystal Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP353 Silver Bunny Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

Oh. I am also going on vacation in about a week. I have a notification on my website but I'll also post it here:
On June 26, I'm flying to Seattle so I won't be anywhere near my jewelry supplies. I will have internet access but will not be able to fulfill any orders during this time. The last day to place your order is June 24 and I will try my best to send all the orders I have before I leave. I will be back on July 7th but will start taking orders again on July 6th. My Etsy will be on vacation mode during this time. My website will still take orders but they will not be shipped until I come back.

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