Feather Earrings (and more)

So here are the feather earrings I mentioned before. Feather earrings are hard to replicate so these are one of a kind. These are also bigger/longer than the earrings I normally make but they are meant to be this way because it's more of a statement earring which is why it's only one side. This gives the mismatch/uneven look. I also made an earring similar to the personalized charm here. The last earring is a Guess earring I have purchased before but never worn. They are brand new and authentic Guess. I will be posting more feather earrings once I get everything together. I hope you like what I have for now.

#440 Natural Spotted 3 Feathers Dangle Earring

#441 Mesh Bow Heart Eiffel Tower Earring

#442 Guess Heart Earring (Non-handmade)

#443 Pearl 3 Chandelier Feather Earring

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