Lots of New Earrings

Here is my big post of new earrings. Not cuff earrings. Not double piercing earrings. Just regular earrings! I don't often make these because people aren't as interested in these but while I was making new creations, I found that these just looked better as regular earrings. I hope you like them. If so, I'll try to make more.

#433 Large Flower Peace Earring

#434 Swarovski Chandelier Crystals Earring

#435 Silver Swarovski Butterfly Crystals Earring

 #436 Antique Bronze Star and Heart Mismatch Earring
 #437 Heart Swarovski Crystals Dangle Earring
 #438 Light Green Swarovski Pearls Butterfly Earring

#439 Mini Swarovski Jet Black Chandelier Earring

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