I'm back

So I've been back from vacation for a while now but I was busy settling in. I still have a ton of things I need to sort out and clean plus a bunch of things I still need to do. But, I've been pretty good at finishing up jewelry orders but still need to update a few things on my sites. I bought a lot of new charms and already used most of them to make new pieces. So far, I made about almost 10 new items but they will not all be posted at the same time. I have two up so far but more will come very soon (maybe tomorrow?). I also did the new "set up" I mentioned in a previous post for taking better quality pictures. I love how the pictures turned out but I still feel like they are lacking something. Maybe I'm a bit too picky but I will still be slowly retaking pictures for most of my older jewelry. Some new pictures are already out if you've checked out my main website lately. So here they are:

 #CE259 Sterling Silver Heart Double Chain Cuff Earring
This sterling silver double chain cuff earring features a flat heart charm and a swarovski round crystal ab. Comes as single-sided.

 #CE260 Sterling Silver Peace Cuff Earring
This single-sided sterling silver cuff earring is almost identical to the sterling silver plain cuff earring only this features a peace charm dangling from the ear cuff.

I do want to mention that my prices seems to have increased but it's only because the materials I used were more expensive. I had a good deal on some of the items I used previously and I'm not able to find this deal anymore so that's why it seems like my prices increased. Well I guess that's it for now. Tell me what you think about these new pictures. I think it's missing more sparkle.