New Additions Part 4 - Triple Piercing Earrings

This is a completely new type of earring that I haven't made often but I have my ears pierced like this and there must be other people looking for earrings like this. I call this the triple piercing earring because it is for a pierced cartilage and two ear lobe piercings. I decided to "model" one of the earring to show you how it looks. If you only have two ear lobe piercings and want the cartilage piercing to be changed to an ear cuff, let me know by emailing me and I could make this too. So onto the pictures!

TP101 Sterling Silver 3D Star Triple Piercing

TP102 Silver Star and Filigree Triple Piercing

TP103 Gold Star and Filigree Triple Piercing

TP104 Silver Black Crystals Triple Piercing

 TP105 Sterling Silver Small & Large Chains Triple Piercing

Hope you enjoyed my new additions series!

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jhna said...

is this for sale? where can i find it or buy it? online?

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