Happy Mother's Day! A few great (late) gifts

#431 Gold Swarovski Butterfly Crystals Earring
Reminds me of a mom and her baby. So adorable!

 #338 Rhinestone Silver Bow Cartilage/Double Piercing

#631 Stardust Bell Bracelet

#632 Sterling Swarovski Crystal Clear Mixed Bracelet

#320 Single Butterfly Cartilage/Double Piercing
Now in Black!

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms. I know if these were gifts for mother's day then it would be really late but it's ok. Better late than never! For this last earring, #320, it is still available in silver but I am having trouble getting more so there are limited quantities left so if you want this in silver, get it soon before it's sold out.

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