USPS increased prices? =(

Hi. I wanted to inform you of a few changes made by the United States Postal Service. I've been shipping all my orders with them ever since I started selling and it haven't changed throughout the whole time. I noticed about a week ago that they were increasing their shipping prices for first class packages. This means I need to adjust my shipping prices from this change. I am giving 3 days notice before I officially change my shipping prices.

As for April 20, 2011, here are my new shipping prices for
US Flat Rate - $2.75
US Priority Mail - $5.75
International - $4 (no change)
International Priority Mail - $13.75

So make your purchases before I make this change. In other news, I will be taking pictures of new jewelry hopefully tomorrow so look forward to that soon! I also added new buttons such as facebook, tweet, etc for each jewelry so I'd be really happy if you used them. Thanks! =)

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