Swarovski Heart and Hello Kitty Cuff Earring

I am really excited to show you the new pieces I have available. I just received these hello kitty studs yesterday and I was so excited to show everyone as soon as possible so I've been working all day on this. Well have a look!

#CE272 Sterling Silver Swarovski Heart AB Dangle Cuff Earring
 Features swarovski hearts in light sapphire ab and other swarovski crystals. Earring hooks, chain, and ear cuff are all sterling silver.

 #CE273 Hello Kitty Stud Cuff Earring or Cartilage/Double Piercing
Features a Hello Kitty stud on this cuff earring or double piercing earring. Chain, ball stud, and ear cuff are sterling silver. Hello Kitty stud has a plastic post, which is good for sensitive ears. Both comes in a pair. Each one comes with a matching colored crystal.

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sesilia said...

Diamond Earrings are more trendy nowadays
along with their popularity you have a lot of choice among which choice is not sometime easy.....

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