Starfish Bracelet

I was trying to create a new piece for one of my customers but was stuck and noticed a few swarovski crystals I had just lying around so I decided to just make a new bracelet. Here it is:

#628 Sterling Silver Starfish Pearl Bracelet
This handmade bracelet features a crystallized Swarovski starfish crystal, swarovski clear crystals, and glass pearls. Chain is sterling silver flat hearts with a sterling silver heart clasp.
Only 2 available

Notice the quality of the pictures? I love my new camera! =) I think I could make the quality even better if I play around with it some more. I've been wanting to do so much but can't fit things into my schedule. I love crafts and I am planning something new to add to my website. I'm very excited to tell everyone but I don't have all the details, materials, etc to say more. I want to have everything prepared before I launch it. I do have new pieces that I will post up soon. Look out for my future posts!

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