Holiday Update

I just wanted to update on some things that are going on now or will happen soon. I am planning on raising my shipping prices for US orders so that I could provide tracking confirmation on ALL orders. I previously only provide this for orders $15 and over. I started providing tracking confirmation on all US orders starting today but will not raise the price until this Friday (12.17.10). This gives everyone a chance to place their order before the price change and get this deal.

I wanted to add a new product on my website before Christmas too but it doesn't seem like I could do this. It's taking a lot longer for me to put everything together so I am pushing this back a bit. We'll see how it goes.

I am also turning 24 at the end of this month! December 27 is the exact date. =) However, no vacation for me this year. I wanted to visit home (in Cali) but will have to push this back a little further. I haven't been back since I left to NC last January but we are planning on moving back soon. Maybe February?

So here's a picture of our first Christmas tree. We bought it last weekend and don't have many ornaments yet. It's small but I love it! Exactly what we wanted. We purchased it at Target.

I'll try to remember to take a picture once I get more ornaments on it. And remember, the cut off date to get your order in time for Christmas is December 18. Any orders placed after this date is no guarantee but I'll try to ship them soon. This only applies to US orders. The cutoff date for international orders already passed.

I think that's all the update I have for now. Happy Holidays!

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