Swarovski Necklaces

I was trying to decide what to put up today. It was between bracelets or necklaces and well you know what I chose. I took these pictures a while back but was not ready to post them up yet (partly because I wasn't that happy with how the pictures turned out but it's not bad). I wanted to post something up today because I wanted to welcome all the new followers since the last post and say that I'm really happy with how the giveaway is doing. From how things are going, it doesn't seem long to reach 70 followers so if you haven't already, enter the giveaway now. The link to it is on the right side bar.

So on to the new necklaces.

#531 Pink and Clear AB Hearts Necklace
Features a 14mm clear ab heart with a 10mm light rose ab heart.  
- Sterling silver chain and bails
2 available

#532 Sterling Silver Triple Hearts Necklace
Features three swarovski hearts in violet ab, lt sapphire ab, and peridot ab.  
- 18" sterling silver chain
3 available

I like to have at least 2 pictures for each of my jewelry but this will have to do for now. I hope everyone have a wonderful weekend! If I have time, I'll post up the bracelets before the weekend ends.


Salisha said...

Cute necklaces :)

~Lisa said...

& congratz on getting so many new followers!


Simplyy J said...

@Salisha and @Lisa

Thanks! =)

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