Cartilage/Double Piercing Earrings

I added so many things earlier in the month so it feels like it's been a while since I added something new. I was so busy last week so this week was me getting back to creating new pieces. I finally forced myself to take pictures of them today (including the giveaway) and post them up. So here's the cartilage/double piercing earrings.

#323 Sterling Silver Flower AB Cartilage/Double Piercing
Features all 925 sterling silver except for this swarovski clear ab flower crystal.

#324 Sterling Silver Dangle Star Cartilage Earring
Features silver-plated star frames and swarovski clear ab bicone crystals with 925 sterling silver chains, hooks, and stud. Comes with a mismatched pair.

#325 Plain Open Heart Double/Cartilage Piercing
Features silver open hearts. Can be worn in cartilage or side by side as a double piercing earring. Comes with a matching pair

As you can see, I'm loving the purple background on these jewelry. I have a few more jewelry pieces I need to post up in the next few days but the next post for sure will be the giveaway. If you haven't subscribed/followed by blog, do it now. Hope you like! =)


Justina said...

waaaahh... theyre so soft and beautiful! this is exactly what i've been looking for. all the other cartilage chain earrings are made of huge chains and have gothic designs... but this is... almost romantic. I love 2 things: silver (or silver colour) and small cute hearts. i love this!!!!!!!!!

Bex said...

Love these!! been looking all over for something like these :)

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