Last Bracelets of August

Here are the two new bracelets I've made. I only made one of each so these are both one of a kind bracelets made by me. I will be making more limited edition jewelry in the future so look out for those!

#626 Purple Swarovski Mix Bracelet
features swarovski pearls, stardust beads, and individual charms including a silver plated star, key, and a swarovski heart in vitrial light.
- 6" length
- One of a kind (only 1 available)

#627 Sterling Silver Single Crown Bracelet
Features a double chain design in flat hearts, a heart clasp, and a clear crystal inside the crown charm.
- 7" length
- One of a kind (only 1 available)

Hope you like them! =)
Oh and thanks for the new followers! I'm glad we only need 10 more followers to end the giveaway. Good luck!


Fruity Lashes said...

they're so beautiful especially the crown bracelet

Salisha said...

They're beautiful :)

Simplyy J said...

^^ Thanks!

~Lisa said...

I love the crown!!

And 9 more followers to 70! ^.^

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