Mini Update 1-30

I wanted to mention that I will still be taking orders during my move. I am leaving on the 5th of Feb and taking a road trip across the country. Orders placed after the 3rd will not be shipped until the 9th of Feb. I will however be able to take e-mails because I will have access via iphone. I am excited to take lots of pictures on my trip and finally getting to my destination.

I think this will be my last blog post until after I move in and settle down. It's going to take us 3 days to get there and I will be super busy getting things together the last few days before I leave.

I also want to mention that I've been getting a lot of orders lately (more orders=more money=more supplies) so I was able to purchase some new things. I have not been able to take pictures of the items I've made already but I will be getting sterling silver soon. I currently have a few but it's difficult to make things when I'm limited in supply so with more coming in, I will have the option for my customers to order any earring/ear cuff piece in sterling silver.

So I'm finishing off this with pictures of Pebbles. She's turning 3 years old on Feb. 9th

Here is a picture of her and her cousin (my sister's dog)
 I had to take care of him for a little while so I keep him on a towel for him to lay on and stay out of trouble.
and here is a picture of her in her suitcase.


and a few more of her...

that's about it for now. No jewelry just yet. Thanks for reading =)

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Mary in Wonder said...

Good luck with the moving!^^
ANd Pebbles and her cousin are so cue together! *.*

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