Konad Nails

This is NOT a jewelry related post but I just wanted to post this to see if anybody is interested.

Essie Not Just A Pretty Face w/Konad red special nail polish for the heart from plate m3

I first tried Konad when I was on vacation this past winter break and I fell in love. It was just so simple and the results are gorgeous. When I came home, I found a retailer near my house and decided to stop by. It was difficult to find at first because it is a bit small but it was worth it because although they have less variety, the items there were very inexpensive compared to the kiosks at the mall or anywhere else.

I bought the Stone Kit

(image from Konad)
It comes with 3 5ml nail polishes, 2 plates, scraper, stamper, rhinestones, and a stick. This retails for about $28.99 (some places more) and I purchased this for $15. Amazing discount right?

They also had the Basic Stamping Kit

It contains 1 nail polish, 1 plate, stamper and scraper. This retails for about $15.99 (some places more) and they sell it for $7. I might buy this for a giveaway. Anybody interested?

There were more items such as the stamper and scraper by itself, nail care kit, starter kit c, plate holder, top coats, special nail polishes, and plates. They have a lot of plates for $4 each but they're not very organized so I have to look through them all to find what I'm looking for. It's also run by asians so if you pay in cash, there's no tax =)
They also sell China Glaze for $2, OPI for $3.75, Essie for $3.50, and tons of other nail supplies.
I'm not trying to advertise anything but if you're in the area and is interested, here's the address:
Spa Beauty Supplies
9216 Valley Blvd.
Rosemead, CA 91770

There is a website too but it's not the same as the store. You cannot purchase Konad on it but here it is:

Just wanted to mention that I purchased everything I own and I'm only making this post because I think people would be interested.

So here are the designs I've made so far with the plates I have. My nails chip easily so in order to keep it's length, I need to paint it. Don't make fun of my nails =/

Here is one of the first designs I made on my nails. I used China Glaze Innocence as a sheer pink underneath with just a regular white (Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener) as the tip and silver glitter (Art Club). The plate I used is m57 for the lacy trimmings (w/Konad white special nail polish).

Here is another french tip but with flowers from the plate m4. The white I'm using for the tips is from Borghese Bianco White Tip.

Lastly, what I currently have on now is Sinful Colors in Glass Pink as the base color and flowers from plate m25. On my thumb, I was trying out using the stamp with China Glaze Millennium (silver) using plate m3's stars. It worked out pretty well but it's not shimmery. 

So did you like this post? I've been taking pictures and posting it on twitter and I thought I might share and see if you're interested in these type of posts outside of jewelry. Let me know if you want to see more. Thanks =)


Mary in Wonder said...

oooh they are pretty! I wish I had such long nails!
OMG those are awesome prices! I'd buy everything even tho I don't need all, just becoz they are so cheap!^^

Calia Yang said...

me likey!!! i want some stamping plates too!!

Serena said...

the nail designs look so cute!!

Kelly said...

=] i love the heart!

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