Contest Winner

So the contest is finally over and I'd like to thank everyone for entering but there could only be one winner (for now). I received a total of 13 entries this time (including the extra entries by blogging about this contest) and I used an app on my iphone to randomly choose a number between 1 and 13. Here are the results:

The winner is:
Vivian Luong

Here is her top picks:
Heart Ear Cuff #260
Green Dragonfly Cuff Earring #213

Congrats Vivian, Please e-mail me with your shipping address.

So let's talk about the results of my questionnaire. I didn't realize there were so many people from Canada. I should of asked you for suggestions of places to visit while I was there. I might even had stayed for more than a day. Here are the top picks:

Thanks everyone who participated and helped with my questionnaire. My next post will probably be an update on everything going on because I have huge news. So look forward to that! =)


Calia Yang said...

congrats!!! ^_^

~Lisa said...

Congratz!!! I seriously am in love with all your pieces now :P

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