Double Hearted Necklace

This necklace was first introduced in my giveaway and I just wanted to post this so that it can be available for purchase. I love the reflection that Aurora Borealis gives off. It's so pretty. This would be a great gift for the holidays coming up.

#524 Double Hearted Swarovski Necklace
The picture above shows Clear AB and Heliotrope 10mm swarovski hearts
16" chain necklace
Price: $8

I took another picture to show how beautiful it looks when it reflects the light. I also have other colors such as light rose AB, peridot AB, lt sapphire AB, violet AB, and vitrial light. I will take pictures of it soon.

I also want to mention that I will be gone during the holidays. I am going on vacation between December 23 to January 5. I haven't seen my boyfriend for 3 months (since he's a marine and stationed in the east coast) and we're both going to fly to Seattle to spend the holidays (and my birthday) with his family. I'm super excited. So I just wanted to let everyone know so that you could place your orders accordingly. I will stop taking orders on 20th and will ship all orders prior to leaving. I will come back on Jan. 5 and will take orders again. I will also be getting a new camera while I'm there so right now I just have to borrow a camera until then. Look forward to a Christmas themed cuff earring soon!

And a last note. Contest is ending in 2 days! Enter while you can =)


Calia Yang said...

gorgeous! i love the colors

Sherry said...

I got them and I have blogged at

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