Contest Winner

I have been doing homework and now I'm taking a small break. This contest has been going on long enough. I placed each entry into a spreadsheet and numbered each entry with a double entry for those who mentioned the contest on their blog/website. There was a total of 13 people and 18 entries. I went on around midnight and it helped me choose a random number between 1-18. 
The winner is number:
2 Sherry

I will be contacting you maybe tomorrow to get all the details so

Thanks to everyone that entered. I didn't think there was enough people who entered this time to have two winners so this is it for now but don't worry. This is not the last. I will be having another giveaway after the new year. Thanks again!


Sherry said...

OMG OMG.. is that me? okay.. just need to wait for the email :)

Calia Yang said...

WOOT!! wtg sherry!!! congrats girl!

~Lisa said...

Congratz Sherry!!! Enjoy the beautiful jewelry!! =D

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