Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with their families. I just wanted to make a quick post with a few pictures of Pebbles. She came with me when I went over to my family's house and there were a total of 9 dogs there. Yes we love our dogs but too bad I didn't bring my camera. Well my camera have been messed up for a while and I've been using my Dad's camera. I'm thinking about buying a new camera soon because I have new jewelry to take pictures of. What camera should I get?

So recently, I bought some clippers and gave Pebbles a haircut. Now she can wear her clothes.


She has a very long body.


I bought this shirt/coat at target for $2.50. It was a very good price and they have other designs as well. I bought her a medium because of the length of her body. She reminds me of a cat because she stretches all the time and she also likes fish.

Well I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and...I may even have a cyber monday sale for my jewelry. I am thinking of a huge sale like a buy one, get one free. Will anybody be interested? Well I'll probably post it Sunday night and have it for only one day. I may hit the #70 by then. It's getting close......
 and now I sleep. Must wake up early tomorrow. Happy Holidays everyone!


Vanilla said...

omg ur dog is too cute !
happy thanksgiving too !

Mary in Wonder said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too! ^.^
Pebbles looks like a lil baby in those coats =]

PinkyKathy said...

Happy TGV tooo.
Your dog is so cute! you make me miss my dog sooooooo much.
5-6 months more, then I can go back home to see my dog. T__T

Calia Yang said...

your dog is so super cute!

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