Earrings 11-18

I have been preparing a giveaway/contest for a while now and I gather some things together already. I just need to write the rules and all the little details. It will include some new items so I'm going to post those later. Here are the new earrings I made.

#414 Swarovski Heart Clear AB Earring
Description: This earring contains swarovski heart crystals in clear ab and swarovski bicones in clear, rose, and pink. Hook is surgical steel.
Other colors available. Please contact me for details.
Price: $7

#413 Chandelier Flower Earring
Description: This took me very long to make but I love it! It contains a swarovski clear ab flower in the center of each earring. Hooks are surgical steel.
2 available (as of now)
Price: $8


#415 Silver Dangle Earring
Description: This contains many different silver beads including stars. This matches just about anything.
Price: $6

Shipping/Order details are on the sidebar.

So that's about it for now. Please be a follower so you'll know when my giveaway/contest will be posted. I'm hoping sometime soon. Oh and thanks to my recent customers! Everybody has been really sweet!


Sherry said...

they are so cute!

Calia Yang said...

love them!

Vanilla said...

so pretty !hehe

Mary in Wonder said...

ooh they are so pretty! Next round I'll definitely buy the first one. ANd maybe the chandelier too~

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