Earcuffs 11-05

Here are my new cuff earrings. I love simple, which is why I make so many simple designs. I make what I like =)

#216 Cross Double Chain Cuff Earring
Price: $6

#217 Silver Double Link Chain Cuff Earring
Price: $5

#218 Single Star Cuff Earring
Price: $4

#219 Swarovski Butterfly Cuff Earring
Also available in Green
Price: $7


Shipping Prices are on the sidebar. Question? Please e-mail me at simplyyj@gmail.com

So I had a few comments on my dog Pebbles. So I decided to post more pictures of her. Here is one to start. This is a picture of me holding her. She was just 10 weeks old (which was over 2 years ago).

She's just too adorable. So hard to resist squeezing her too tight.

Anyways, I have over 60 orders already since I started. I want to have a give-a-way for reaching 75 orders. What should I give away? Any suggestions?

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Mary in Wonder said...

kyaaa she's soooooooo cute! *___* lil cutiepie! ^.^
What to give away? hmm dunno....maybe (a) pendant(s)?

The double cross earring is my favourite of the above^^

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