New Cartilage Double Piercing Added 1-09

It took a while for me to put these up but here are the first couple of the new double piercing earrings. I have had these earrings made (and took pictures of) since before the holidays but since it got so crazy, I didn't get to put up anything. I mentioned before that I may go on vacation and I didn't even get to do that. I pushed it back so I might be gone for maybe 3 weeks in February? It's not quite planned yet but when it is, I will update on that and with all the details. This is just a heads up for those planning on getting gifts for next month (such as Valentine's Day). So here they are. I think I still need to put up about 10-15 more.

 #DP395 Bronze Large Plumeria Stud Cartilage Double Piercing
#DP396 Rhinestone Gold Feather Long Double Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP397 Bubbled Star Black and Silver Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP398 Nautical Triple Chain Cartilage Double Piercing

#DP399 Heart Short Double Chain Double Piercing

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