More Cuff Earrings Added 1-1-12 (Picture Heavy)

Here are the second set of new cuff earrings I added. If you noticed, I did "model" more earrings this time because I absolutely love these pieces and I want you to see the size of these when worn. Some of these are very limited in quantities so grab them while you can because I highly doubt they will come back in stock when they sell out.

CE355 Bow Embroidery Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE356 Bow Rhinestone Dangle Chain Cuff Earring

CE357 Silver Leaf Extra Long Chain Solid Cuff Earring

CE358 Open Star Stardust Drop Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE359 Feathery Dangle Double Chain Cuff Earring

CE360 Sterling Silver Small Heart Dangle Cuff Earring

CE361 Bronze Peace Charm Cuff Earring

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