Plain Solid Band Ear Cuff

I have been looking for these ear cuffs for the longest time. I get requests for these ear cuffs from time to time but I was never able to find it. I love the wire wrapped ear cuffs I make but I needed more options for those that like the solid ones that I now have available. I actually thought of trying to make these but the idea didn't go far. I still have a couple more new items to add onto the website but I was too excited with this one that I added this right away before even getting the pictures of these my itself. All I have are the pictures of them being modeled (with my ear) but I will add the other pictures later after I take them.

I wanted to mention first that the size of these ear cuffs are similar to my wire wrapped ones except that these feel a little more tight on. I don't know how it's going to be for people with bigger ears but the good this is, these ear cuffs feel more secure on the upper ear (helix/rim of the ear) compared to the wire wrapped ones I make. It could be because it's smaller and holds on to it better? I don't know but this is just what I think when trying these on. You could stretch it out a bit to the way you want it if it feels a little tight so I wouldn't worry too much about it not fitting. Now onto the ear cuffs...

#285 Plain Solid Ear Cuff (Gold or Silver)

#CE349 Solid Band Plain Cuff Earring

I also want to mention that you could change any wire wrapped ear cuff (on cuff earrings) to this new solid band ear cuff by going to the link:
It will cost a little extra for this change and all the details are on that page. If I confused you there, basically, adding one of this item to your cart will only change one wire wrapped ear cuff to the solid ear cuff. If you purchased more than one cuff earring and want to change all of them, add this item and change the quantity to the amount of cuff earrings you're purchasing. If you only want to change one cuff earring and not the other ones you're purchasing, leave a note when placing your order of which cuff earring you want to change. If you don't leave a note, I'll email you but it will just take more time waiting on each other's email. If you can't find the "note to seller" section when checkout, just email me after your order has been placed and I will get everything sorted out.

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