My new camera

I mentioned in earlier posts that I purchased a new camera. I've been searching for a better quality point and shoot camera and have been looking on reviews online. I found almost all sites suggesting Canon Powershot S90 but I wanted something that records HD video as well so I was considering the Canon Powershot SD4000. I later found a camera that recently just came out. The Canon Powershot S95 is the succeeding model of the S90 and it includes HD video recording. The price is quite expensive compared to other point and shoot cameras I've purchased before but it was worth it. I am in love with this camera. So here is a picture of it (that I took with my older camera).

It takes really amazing pictures. Here is a picture I recently took outside my house. Just a sample photo.

and here is a picture of jewelry. I wanted a better picture because I wasn't happy with the picture I had of it before.

I don't have the best photography skills but I'm learning! =)

So just a little random update. There is 36 days until Christmas and 38 days until my birthday. I really enjoy the holidays but this year I'm away from family. As I've mentioned before, I'm here in North Carolina to be with my husband because he is in the military. Well speaking of military, tomorrow is the Marine Corps Ball and I'm really excited! I didn't get to go last year so I'm really looking forward to going this year. I bought a dress 2 weeks ago which I may take a picture and show you. I don't have shoes to match though so I have to figure something out soon. I also bought a ton of things the last few weeks. Anybody interested in pictures? (I'm finding reasons to use my camera)

I also like to add a "Christmas Deadline" for jewelry orders. In order to receive your order by Christmas, US orders must be placed by December 18, 2010 and International orders must be placed by December 4, 2010. Make your orders soon! Until next time =)

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