Finally some new jewelry

I wanted to post this up before I go to bed tonight because I found time to take pictures and edit them earlier today. I'm happy to say that I have a few new pieces to show you. Finally! So here they are:

 #CE253 Lotus Pearl Dangle Cuff Earring
Features swarovski crystals and light pink pearls within silver flower petals forming lotus-like charms.

#CE254 Holiday Joy II Cuff Earring
Features green and red pearls and crystals just in time for the holidays.

#CE255 Plain Gold Heart Cuff Earring
A simple cuff earring in all gold featuring a heart stud.

#CE256 Gold Caged Stardust Cuff Earring
Features a cage design surrounding stardust beads and dangling filigree beads. Gold dangle hook is surgical steel.

A small update on the mini giveaway, only 5 people entered which gives all those who entered a really good chance in winning the $10 gift certificate. I am a bit disappointed with the number of entries but I am still going to pick a winner none the less. That will be on another post though so look out for that. I am also planning on posting more random pictures once I receive my camera case. I don't like taking my camera around without a case since it's so new. I'm excited!


Calia Yang said...

I love the butterfly pearl earrings!! so cute! awww - sorry for such a small amount of entries - but I hope that next time you'll have more!

Mary in Wonder said...

ooh I love the lotus and stardust ones! *.*
BTW, I wanted to be the sixth person to enter, but realized I hadn't entered the original giveaway WTF! Dunno how, because I remember the first post and that I wanted to comment, but it seems I didn't do it @_@
I won't forget next time, promise!

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