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It's been a while since I last posted something up. I have been getting more sterling silver materials lately. They're very simple because I haven't felt as much creativity as I have before but it'll come to me soon. Here are just a few things I wanted to put up for those sterling silver lovers.

#624 Sterling Silver Simple Butterfly Bracelet/Anklet
This bracelet features flat heart 925 sterling silver cable chains with a small clear butterfly swarovski crystal at the end. It could be worn to have it dangle down or connected where the butterfly is for a regular bracelet. For an anklet, choose the 10" length.  
- Price varies depending on length of chain 
- Average length is 7" but for a dangling butterfly, choose an inch longer (e.g. I have a 6" wrist but I wear a 7" bracelet for the dangle)

#419 Sterling Silver Bow and Pearl Earring
This earring features 925 sterling silver with crystallized glass pearl and black bows handmade by me.  

#264 Sterling Silver Ear Cuff w/Swarovski Crystal
This is completely 925 sterling silver with a swarovski bicone crystal in clear AB.  

#240 Sterling Silver Open Heart Cuff Earring
This 925 sterling silver cuff earring features an open heart along the chain.Description: This 925 sterling silver cuff earring features an open heart along the chain.


~Lisa said...

Beautiful! I'm in love with the bow earrings! You must teach me how you made them! ^^


Simplyy J said...

@~Lisa Thanks! It actually took me a while to make. It's not perfect but I tried my best =)

Mary in Wonder said...

I love the bow earring the best too! ^.^They are very pretty! <3

Simplyy J said...

@Mary Thanks! I'll probably try more designs with bows in them soon.

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