Happy Halloween

 This is just a side post from my store.

I was just getting things done before I leave for tonight and then I remembered to put on a costume for my dog.

It's one of her old costumes she had since she was little. Her antennas just wouldn't stay on her head because she's so hairy. Her name is Pebbles and she is a full breed Maltese. Let me know if you want to see more of Pebbles (or should I just be posting my jewelry).


I also made earrings to match my costume this year. I am going to be an indian =)

They're so light on my ears. I could barely feel them. Still deciding weather I should make more and sell them. What do you think?

Anyways, Just wanted to say Happy Halloween and I will be adding new ear cuffs and earrings in my next post. Also wanted to remind you that free shipping ends tonight. Have fun!


Vanilla said...

awww ur dog is wayy too cute !!loll

Calia Yang said...

love the bee outfit!! adorable!! and i love the that feather earring!!!! cute!

Mary in Wonder said...

Definitely more Pebbles! ^_^ She's so cute! =D

ANd that feather earring is so pretty! make some more like that!

Happy belated Halloween

Noriki said...

You should post more of Pebbles!!
Doesn't the feather earrings tickle u? xD

I'm also giving you this award, please accept it? lol


Emily said...

really prettty earrings!

but I need your help, since i know you r really experienced! :]
I was wondering how I can sell stuff, i wanna sell stuff but I dont know how...? Do I need to have like a paypal account or something, how does it work?
Please reply to me when u can, when u have the time to :]

~Emily Lee

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