Double Piercing

I love double piercings but I've never had double studded earrings because they're hard to find. I finally decided to make some. Here are three I've made so far. I was also able to add these "add to cart" buttons that can be used for Paypal checkout.

 #315 Pink Pearl Star Double Piercing
Contains a pink swarovski pearl and pink swarovski crystal with two stars. Can be worn an a double piercing side-by-side or a regular piercing connecting with a cartilage piercing.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #215

 #316 Sparkling Silver Star Double Piercing
The dangle is meant to be worn in the inner piercing and the stud is meant to be worn in the outer piercing.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #216

#317 Open Star Pearl Double Piercing
This is my favorite. I made a pair for myself. Below is a picture of it modeled by me.
Price: $4 single, $7 pair

Item #217


Shipping is $2 flat rate for US, $3 Canada, $4 international.

This is my first update of new items. I have more items to add. 

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Mary in Wonder said...

ooh they are pretty! *.*
But I have only one hole each in my ears >.<

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